[Korea] Boryeong Mud Festival 2012

15 Jul 2012

Another festival that I attended while during my stay in Korea. Called, Boryeong Mud Festival 2012 is a festival that is muddy *ofcourse* , and here u can find more foreigner than the local themselves.

What’s to expect?

Nothing except Muddilicious thing.. and not to mention.. “Bikinis…”

Boryeong is famous for its mud nutritious value for skin, and this festival is all about the mud. U can play and make urself wet in mud. The attraction itself comes from atleast 3games that the commitee offers. Mud Prison is the most famous one.

Unfortunately, it comes for a fee.. around 5000won for 1 session of mud zone. 1 session last for around 4hrs,

for those who don’t wanna pay, u can just play around the zone, and they provide what they called “Free Mud ZOne Self Massage.”

As for me, I just enjoy watching those people comes in grey color :D

Don’t like to be muddy enough? than the daecheon beach offers alternative for person like me :D

Although… it’s a shame that the beach is waayyy..too crowded… All i can see is people , and not the beach.

The beach is white sandy and about 3.5km long ^^…, they also have bananaboat ..

All I can say, I don’t recommend this place to Moslem.. There’s nothing u can do here..trust me :)

Transportation :

Find bus heading to Boryeong, during festival week, all beach heading to boryeong will stop in front of the mud festival spot.. So No Worries ^^.

There’s also Daecheon station for those using train.. and continue either with taxi or bus.


Foods are easily found but taste is so-so. , there are lots of snackfood stals with good price. 24hrs mart is available and easily found. Bathroom is kinda clean, but just provide ur own tissues.

Shower room is available , and u have to pay around 3000won. Lockers are also available.

From KAIST to Boryeong

detailed itinerary is explainend below :

I took bus to seobu intercity bus terminal , and take bus to daecheon beach (12.200won), it took around 2.5hrs from KAIST to mudfestival.

alternate way is to take korail from daejeonstation to Cheonan Asan and transfer to Daecheon ^^

The last bus from daecheon to Daejeon is on 19.55 , took more than 2hrs to Seodaejeon because they stop in atleast 4bus stop.

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